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Infrastructure & Servive Fee (Download)
  Energy systems.
  • Electrical power received from the Provincial Electricity Authority. The project is 115 KV substations size 80 MVA power supply with the size of the 3D @ 22KV 12 FEEDER by the poster pin through all land conversions. The responsibility of the Provincial Electricity Authority
  • Natural gas. Natural gas from Petroleum Authority of Thailand. The gas pressure control station. Located within the industrial estate. With distribution to the facilities. Gas within the industrial estate to pay immediately can save energy up to 40-50% (12-inch pipeline is approximately 70-10 meters deep underground.)
  • Energy water vapor (Steam). Steam electric power generation (natural gas) of Saraburi Cogeneration Co., Ltd. which is located in the Industrial Estate will start construction end of the year 2010 and since 2013 with distribution.
      Road system
    is divided into two categories.
  • Main Street is a concrete road. Total length 4,075 meters, 40 meters wide road area of 4 lane median width 4 meters including 17 meters wide road surface and sidewalk areas on each side 3 m wide main street of estates. Is linked to the Km 91, Phaholyothin Road, then past the industrial estate. IN THE AREA. General industry. Residential area. And commercial area.
  • Road, secondary asphalt type Asphaltic Concrete roads secondary for 4 lines with a length of all 4680 meter area road width of 20 meters were two lane road surface width 9 m, and pavement width on each side 2 meters secondary is all. In general industrial estates.
      Water treatment systems
    Water Treatment Plant include Raw water pumping system. Water Treatment Plant. And water distribution systems.
  • Raw Water Pumping System. Created the two pumping stations of the canal Rapeepat. Rate of 25,920 cubic meters per day, pumping up the delivery pipe to keep the reservoir in the estate's size to 270,000 cubic meters of tap water used to produce a backup in the estates.
  • Water treatment systems. With a capacity of 14,400 cubic meters per day by the water quality control. Before distribution to the same standard metropolitan Pra.
  • Water distribution system. A water distribution pipe size 200-400 mm along the industrial estate.
    Flood protection
  • Flood protection. A car soil water around the project. Which is powerful enough to prevent the flood from the outside in to the area estates.
    Wastewater Treatment Plant.
    Vascular water off. Receiving wastewater from industrial and residential treatment to the total. The waste water pipe for the entire second side of the road. And at least one reservoir tank to convert the area to connect all the wastewater can be included as Activated Sludge Treatment System. Waste is around 12,000 cubic meters per day.
    Waste disposal system Waste disposal system with incinerator Garbage incinerator 1 unit can remove 12 tons of waste per day.
    Fire extinguishing system Fire extinguishing system had head fire every 150 m distance along each line.
    Rain drainage system
    Rain drainage system, drainage from the area estates. Using a drainage trench along the concrete expectations. Built along the road all calls to slow down water lake. Before pumping water into natural drainage system. At the end of the estates. Lake water has slowed in the second estate of which the total capacity of 260,000 cubic meters.
    Security Security. A security guard. Monitoring within the estates. And available 24 hours a day.
    Special features of the soil.
    Properties of soil clays in the industrial estate is out strongly last year British hard High density effective to reduce construction costs the foundation about 20 to 30%.
      Communications system.
  • Telephone system from the Telephone Organization of Thailand Unlimited telephone support lines. The telephone exchange building within the industrial estate.
  • High-speed Internet signal of the Telephone Organization in Thailand.
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